Monday, October 24, 2011

and in the middle of celebrations...

just some odds and sods from around the city.

buffalo gal won'tcha come out tonight...

i know that buffalo might not be the first place that springs to mind when your friend says "road trip" but you should have a think about it sometime. there are actually a number of neat things going on in this city (like most cities) but you just have to dig for them a bit. this particular trip was for chicken wings and beer. some of you might be confused that a canadian would be going to the states for beer but you haven't seen the sad state of suds in this country. there are good things here no doubt, but there are a lot of breweries that just don't get north of the 49th parallel or beer from other countries that ship to the states but not canada. it's more than worth the hour and a half drive to pick up some pawel kwak since my only other option is pray a wine distributor here has a case for some reason.

for the record, i did not buy the pint of red stripe or whatever the hell product 19 is. i just thought a stubby pint was odd and calling something "product 19" was both lazy and frightening.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

earworm of the day: rusty nails

moderat just won't let me go. it's a shame they only made one album and i'm not even sure why they split up as soon as they did (as far as i know the album wasn't officially finished before they broke up).

rusty nails features some pretty in your face percussion and a lovely haunting vocal (from sascha aka apparat) draped lovingly over top. gorgeous.

Friday, October 7, 2011

earworm of the day: polaroids of polar bears

alexisonfire have broken up and i'm not really sad about that. i'm just old enough to have been there near the beginning when they were still just skinny angry little nerds playing pop punk/hardcore. there really weren't many bands doing it at the time but what i loved about alexis was that they were probably the first to combine the two styles well. i can't say i liked anything they did after the self-titled album though.

screamy pop punk bands were difficult for labels to sell. you can't really sing along and most of these bands weren't radio friendly. labels frequently told producers and bands they had to lose the screams or at least tone them down in order to increase sales but how do you do that and stay the same band? the answer is you don't. you may have noticed that george featured less and less in the followup albums then ultimately changed the way he screamed to a more acceptable tim armstrong style of growl/singing. one word; lame.

the self-titled album was brilliant because it captured a moment in musical history perfectly. suddenly indie bands were hot and anything the kids called "emo" was destined to get signed whether the label like them or not. i think a lot of young musicians realized just how awful the industry is as many of them were chewed up and spit out. some got lucky and had a good run, most of them did not. hell, some of them still haven't gotten over it and continue to write songs about how their lawyers screwed them.

i think i'm going off on a tangent here so i'll just close this out now.