Thursday, June 23, 2011

who knows what's happening right now?

i'm a few weeks late here but i wanted to mention just how great a time i had for movement 2011 in detroit.

the line up was a little less diverse this year than last which was a shame for two reasons, first it meant that every stage but one played house with a few techno djs thrown in from time to time. the stage that wasn't playing house had a high brostep factor. this brings us to the second problem i had with this years festival; douchebags. the high "bro" factor as my friend's called it was hard to miss. while i may have made fun at the expense of some people with seriously odd senses of individuality last year this year was the complete opposite. hipsters and frat boys were everywhere trying to mosh to jungle and dubstep sets. goldie played one of the best dj sets i've heard in years and several kids behind me kept chanting for skrillex. i've mentioned before that i'm not really a fan of his stuff and he seems like a good guy plus he's making people happy which is fantastic i just wish that acts like his weren't signed because it took a fun interesting weekend and turned it into a saturday night in the club district of toronto. idiots hung from the stage scaffolding and threw beer cans at people while more idiots ran around hi-fiving and chest bumping trying to start mosh pits. that's not the fault of the musicians, don't get me wrong, somehow they've just managed to connect with a fan base full of pricks.

i'm hoping next year goes back to a wider range of music styles because this festival is a lot more fun when people are just there to have a good time and dance or appreciate different types of music. for the most part dubstep in north america gathers the type of audience that you would normally find drunk in a corner at a mainstream metal show or hip hop club night. dudes that drink too much, get angry then fall over puking or try to start fights. that's not what this festival needs.

bring back the love movement.


Laura said...

Woah! Buddy - why didn't you say you went to DEMF? You let me think I was the only one and, seeing as this was my first time , I was mighty confused and just thought the douchbaggery was normal. Thanks for clearing that up.

Mumei said...

my apologies. i thought i mentioned why i was there. there are a lot of great people that show up both to play and watch the show but this was the year that mainstream tastes and underground acts collided. as soon as brostep becomes unpopular again it will be an entirely different crowd.