Monday, May 16, 2011

kill the orcs, slay the orcs, destroy the orcs...

Goblin (Deluxe Limited Edition)tyler, wolf gang, odd future, golf wang and so on. you've probably heard of or heard at least a few of the offerings from the odd future crew by now and if you haven't then i'm not sure if i should recommend them to you. goblin came out about a week ago and i've been sitting on this review for about as long. shame on me.

tyler seems to be an intelligent, thoughtful, sarcastic slightly twisted young man like most young folks these days. there aren't many surprises on goblin for two reasons, one, tyler is a teenager so i would expect the album to be about girls, self esteem, daddy issues and fictitious murder. two, hip hop has been pretty boring for over a decade now so the bar of expectation has been set pretty low.

the strange thing about this album is that it took this long for american hip hop to do what rock did in the mid/late 70s and by that i mean turn "punk". not in a bad way but in a grimy, dirty d.i.y. way like punk rock did for rock and roll. sure there are tens of millions (if not more) basement producers all over the world that have been making tracks on their own but most of them are trying to live up to an ideal that professionals and record labels have said is the standard. if you don't use this synth sound or this type of beat with these plug-ins then no one wanted to listen to it because it didn't have the "professional" sound.

sonically, goblin is terrible. it's muddy, garbled and has trouble finding any kind of rhythm from time to time. tyler's flow is either a monotone growl or a monotone voice over that jumps around his off kilter beats. sometimes it's hard to tell what's keeping a track rooted to anything at all but all of that is actually kind of charming.

i'm glad to see a group of people trying something different and that's what this album is about. trying something different through established and accepted means of communication. it's a rap album that sounds like it could be a really bizarre prince tune or dark new wave electro thing. it's all over the map but it's all in the context of having fun and enjoying yourself instead of hoping that people will buy it and changing to accommodate people's tastes.

this is exactly how grime started and i hope more people embrace the idea. i can't be the only person that's bored as hell of fake ass punks talking about how they shoot people, sell drugs and pimp when everyone knows they're just acting. if people aren't talking about how dangerous they're pretending to be they're talking about partying or just have no message at all. let's have less frat boy rap and more artistic stuff happening here can we people?

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