Friday, May 6, 2011

it's the new style...

new stuff from david vangel for your listening pleasure. equinox records recently posted the first single off david's new album breadth control and you can get it here.

sandpaper script sets the tone nicely for what should be a mind blowing album. i was lucky enough to hear bits and pieces throughout the making of the album and it was a pleasure to hear it come together even if i only got a tiny taste.

i've always enjoyed david's music whether he was performing live or building bed tracks in his basement. david has a musical sensibility that i don't find often enough in instrumental music. his tracks bend and breathe, contract and expand, whisper and yell but i love how they always keep me guessing and wondering where he'll take us next.

the album will be available for sale on may 20th on vinyl, cd and dto.

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