Thursday, March 31, 2011

perhaps you imagine a huge network of conspirators...

dj slouch is part of an already large underground group of bedroom producers that have pock marked the landscape of contemporary music for at least a decade now.

i can't find much about him except that he's from rockville and now lives in williamsburg. he was influenced by grunge, classical and electronic so there's nothing incredibly exciting or different there either. he's released two albums named viva on cozy music in 2006 and varistor on suspicious records in spring 2007. that's all i've got sadly.

viva is filled with jazz samples with some rather upbeat new style beat programming. it's a little shufflely and slides in and out of the pocket but i like that. it doesn't feel completely rooted to a click track nor does it seem sloppy and off time like so many basement producers these days. it's a solid relaxing album that deserves a listen if you're in to "dj" albums.

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