Thursday, March 31, 2011

perhaps you imagine a huge network of conspirators...

dj slouch is part of an already large underground group of bedroom producers that have pock marked the landscape of contemporary music for at least a decade now.

i can't find much about him except that he's from rockville and now lives in williamsburg. he was influenced by grunge, classical and electronic so there's nothing incredibly exciting or different there either. he's released two albums named viva on cozy music in 2006 and varistor on suspicious records in spring 2007. that's all i've got sadly.

viva is filled with jazz samples with some rather upbeat new style beat programming. it's a little shufflely and slides in and out of the pocket but i like that. it doesn't feel completely rooted to a click track nor does it seem sloppy and off time like so many basement producers these days. it's a solid relaxing album that deserves a listen if you're in to "dj" albums.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

earworm of the day: bam bam

toots and the maytals are one of those groups that you should know whether you like ska or not. toots has been credited with first using the word "reggae". whether this is true or not is up to debate but the fact of the matter is this, toots has written some huge songs over the years and is loved by millions.

bam bam was written in or around 1965 and won the first jamaican independence festival popular song contest. it's a simple and catchy song with toots usual heartfelt powerful voice leading the charge. many people have compared toots' voice to otis redding because of his ability to be soft and tender but gruff and powerful too.

have a listen.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

earworm of the day: faster

i have now listened to this song twenty times in a row and it's made the last hour and a bit fly by. i don't know much about janelle other than she's a snappy dresser, has a great voice and has some heavyweights guest starring on her album the archandroid.

i first saw her on an episode of later live with jools holland and she blew me away. she was under the weather but you don't fly all the way to london to be on jools holland and let a cold stop you from performing.

Friday, March 4, 2011

i'm on a highway to hell...

Trans Canada Highwayboards of canada's transcanada highway ep is easily my favourite album from their catalogue. the boys decided to go back to their roots on this one with all analogue synths and lovely big samples.

it's a warm sound with a wonderful sense of space which fits with the title. the transcanada highway seems to stretch on forever with nothing but trees or prairie depending on where you are at the time. it's a lonely road and this album captures that feeling. it swells and breathes and then vanishes into nothing again.

i've linked my favourite track off the album to this post. it's called dayvan cowboy.