Monday, February 28, 2011

when it comes to being plug one...

not long ago, on a cold snowy night, my friend steph interviewed me for the website little red umbrella. they're an online magazine with a strong artistic leaning. everything i've read so far has been about music or art of some kind and i think that's pretty fantastic. i think we could use more credible independent outlets for news and reviews. they tackle a number of subjects but it's the artsy stuffs that stick in my head.

steph got me to do something i don't normally do and that's talk about my music. what i do, why and when people can expect more of it. the short answers are, noise and instrumental work, because i love sound and how we interact/react to it and soon. i should have another two song e7" online in a few weeks. here is the link to the article.

a good number of people have asked me why i haven't bothered posting any of the older stuff i've made over the years and the answer is in the question, it's old and i don't like it. so here's to new stuff. i'll post it as it comes to me.

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