Wednesday, February 23, 2011

proud to be canadian...

so here's the run down, macleans published a pathetic op ed piece about how the internet needs to be paid for. the article is simply credited as written by "the editors" because no one person would be foolish enough to sign their name to this obviously misleading attempt from rogers communications to put a positive spin on robbery.

read the article and take a quick look at the 705 (and growing) comments attached.

now if that makes sense to you and you think ubb is the right way to go to encourage industry growth and healthy competition in canada i have nothing to say to you that will convince you otherwise. for those of you that are reasonable and intelligent you might want to take a look at open media a not for profit group attempting to bring some sense to the mess that is canada's telecommunications industry. have a look at the site and sign the petition if that's your thing.

i don't know about you but i'm not subsidizing a telco's inability to figure out a fair business model to stop netflix from taking their cable tv customer base. instead of having the intelligence to drop rates on cable tv and entice viewers back to the box they've decided to gouge consumers online knowing full well that canadian consumers won't have the same experience watching streamed video that they do watching cable tv.

where ever you stand on the issue you know it's big news when rick mercer weighs in.

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