Thursday, February 3, 2011

maybe when it gets colder you could come to stay...

Browenbjorn svin's album browen is tucked somewhere between noise, avant-garde and down tempo. there's a lot going on in this record and you'd be doing yourself a disservice to let it's hefty list of grant providers deter you from listening. i have heard more than one person say that they were worried it would be a lengthy, artsy, boring slog through self indulgence simply because received arts council funding. like it's a surprise that a critic would be quick to judge?

what i like about this album is that it really tries to split the difference between casual listening and academic scrutiny. you really could jsut sit back and let if roll over you or slowly and methodically pick apart ever click and squeak in search of meaning.

however you go about it browen is what i like to refer to as a gateway drug. it's the kind of music that's artsy enough to make electronic snobs happy but easy enough to listen to that it could fall into the hands of someone looking to broaden their horizons with something that isn't completely alien.

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