Friday, February 4, 2011

keep feedin' ya and feedin' ya and feedin ya...

it's been way more than a few days since i said i'd get back to you about music apps for the iphone but i've played with nano studio, music studio and isyn so far and i don't like any of them. people keep raving about how great the song writing tools are for iphone/ipad and they're either insane or just fan boys (redundent statement, i know).

the screen is too small to have precise control over anything and the interfaces are clunky and have response issues. i'm tired of clicking a note only to have to clean up three more around it because my finger is larger than they coded for. i don't really care how they sound because they're just sketch pads but it would be nice if they didn't all seem to cater solely to house music.

if you have a few bucks kicking around and you're looking for something to roughly compose tracks when you're on the bus or whatever do one of two things, save those few bucks and use the free memo recorder on your phone and hum/beat box what's in your head and get back to it when you have a real work station to play with or buy ritalin and seek professional help because you obviously have the attention span of a hyper active chimp.

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