Friday, February 25, 2011

if you want to get academic about it...

it should come as no surprise that scuba's triangulation would end up here at some point. it's been a cold and crappy winter so i've spent a lot of time indoors listening to things that i can stay warm and relax with.

i don't really listen to much dubstep these days because most of the folks making it are just boring. i can only listen to wobble for so long before all your songs sound the same. it's aggressive and loud so i get why so many people like it but it's just been done to death. so much so that if you've listened to dubstep in the last few years you'd probably be surprised to find out that most of it doesn't sound like that.

what i like about scuba is how he isn't concerned with writing songs for different genres. maybe one track will be a little jazzy and the next will be a house track. who knows? his production is solid and his hooks are catchy. there are layers and layers of sound here to peel away and just get lost in so curl up and listen.

also, if you like something things that are more geared for sitting back and relaxing then go download the podcast i did with my friend fabio. it's a bit of a tour through dub and dub recording techniques over the years.

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