Friday, February 11, 2011

if he could see his way to daylight...

Breath From Anotheresthero? really? yes really.

when i get some free time i like to go through my old albums and figure out what hasn't been digitized yet. this was a happy surprise because i absolutely adored this album when it came out. solid production, good song writing, great programming (most of, if not all of this album was probably done on hardware sequencers) and it really stands up over time. it's rare that an electronic album can surpass the inherent best before date that certain sounds and production techniques will conjure.

esthero moved to toronto at a young age to pursue her singing career. breath from another caught on slowly but seemed to be everywhere you looked in 99. esthero's sky rocketing fame took it's toll on her and she quickly drew back from the spotlight. it would be six years till she released her solo ep and another year for her first full length album since breath.

while i haven't really been a fan of where her music has gone since this album i'm glad that she came back and started writing again. she very talented young lady that deserves all the praise she's received over the years.

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