Friday, February 18, 2011

earworm of the day: day 'n' night (widdler remix)

just having the name kanye attached to your project is enough reason for me to not like it. couple that with lazy production and a relatively blahzay flow and that's three strikes for cudi in my books. imagine my surprise when i was spelunking through the depths of my music collection for podcast material and came up with the widdler's day 'n' night remix. have i mentioned how much i love dub? i feel like i have and if not i need to mention it more often.

so there i am and widdler's day 'n' night pops up in all it's bleeping synthesized delayed goodness and i'm kinda loving it. so much so that my ipod verifies i have listened to it about 40 times in the last two days.

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