Monday, February 28, 2011

when it comes to being plug one...

not long ago, on a cold snowy night, my friend steph interviewed me for the website little red umbrella. they're an online magazine with a strong artistic leaning. everything i've read so far has been about music or art of some kind and i think that's pretty fantastic. i think we could use more credible independent outlets for news and reviews. they tackle a number of subjects but it's the artsy stuffs that stick in my head.

steph got me to do something i don't normally do and that's talk about my music. what i do, why and when people can expect more of it. the short answers are, noise and instrumental work, because i love sound and how we interact/react to it and soon. i should have another two song e7" online in a few weeks. here is the link to the article.

a good number of people have asked me why i haven't bothered posting any of the older stuff i've made over the years and the answer is in the question, it's old and i don't like it. so here's to new stuff. i'll post it as it comes to me.

Friday, February 25, 2011

if you want to get academic about it...

it should come as no surprise that scuba's triangulation would end up here at some point. it's been a cold and crappy winter so i've spent a lot of time indoors listening to things that i can stay warm and relax with.

i don't really listen to much dubstep these days because most of the folks making it are just boring. i can only listen to wobble for so long before all your songs sound the same. it's aggressive and loud so i get why so many people like it but it's just been done to death. so much so that if you've listened to dubstep in the last few years you'd probably be surprised to find out that most of it doesn't sound like that.

what i like about scuba is how he isn't concerned with writing songs for different genres. maybe one track will be a little jazzy and the next will be a house track. who knows? his production is solid and his hooks are catchy. there are layers and layers of sound here to peel away and just get lost in so curl up and listen.

also, if you like something things that are more geared for sitting back and relaxing then go download the podcast i did with my friend fabio. it's a bit of a tour through dub and dub recording techniques over the years.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

proud to be canadian...

so here's the run down, macleans published a pathetic op ed piece about how the internet needs to be paid for. the article is simply credited as written by "the editors" because no one person would be foolish enough to sign their name to this obviously misleading attempt from rogers communications to put a positive spin on robbery.

read the article and take a quick look at the 705 (and growing) comments attached.

now if that makes sense to you and you think ubb is the right way to go to encourage industry growth and healthy competition in canada i have nothing to say to you that will convince you otherwise. for those of you that are reasonable and intelligent you might want to take a look at open media a not for profit group attempting to bring some sense to the mess that is canada's telecommunications industry. have a look at the site and sign the petition if that's your thing.

i don't know about you but i'm not subsidizing a telco's inability to figure out a fair business model to stop netflix from taking their cable tv customer base. instead of having the intelligence to drop rates on cable tv and entice viewers back to the box they've decided to gouge consumers online knowing full well that canadian consumers won't have the same experience watching streamed video that they do watching cable tv.

where ever you stand on the issue you know it's big news when rick mercer weighs in.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

it's far from over...

hey hey! so my wonderful friend fabio aka fzero let me do a guest podcast on his site bitbang. it's #11 and features a number of different takes on dub and dub production. there's some dupstep, roots, hip hop and drum n' bass in there so i hope you enjoy it.

it was a lot of fun so i think i'm going to start doing them more often and post them here.

Friday, February 18, 2011

earworm of the day: day 'n' night (widdler remix)

just having the name kanye attached to your project is enough reason for me to not like it. couple that with lazy production and a relatively blahzay flow and that's three strikes for cudi in my books. imagine my surprise when i was spelunking through the depths of my music collection for podcast material and came up with the widdler's day 'n' night remix. have i mentioned how much i love dub? i feel like i have and if not i need to mention it more often.

so there i am and widdler's day 'n' night pops up in all it's bleeping synthesized delayed goodness and i'm kinda loving it. so much so that my ipod verifies i have listened to it about 40 times in the last two days.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

earworm of the day: where is my mind

Where Is My Mind? (A Tribute to The Pixies)
i have never been a pixies fan but i must concede, they write a catchy song.

where is my mind on glue factory records was one of the first commercially successful emo compilations as far as i am aware. it was a strange mix of artists but had a good solid core with bands like braid, get up kids and the promise ring.

the stand out favourites for me were the nada surf cover of where is my mind followed closely by the siren six's cover of holiday song. absolute magic on both counts.

even if you're not a pixies fan you might want to check this album out. there are enough curves thrown at the original material to suit most tastes and several straight covers for purists.

Friday, February 11, 2011

if he could see his way to daylight...

Breath From Anotheresthero? really? yes really.

when i get some free time i like to go through my old albums and figure out what hasn't been digitized yet. this was a happy surprise because i absolutely adored this album when it came out. solid production, good song writing, great programming (most of, if not all of this album was probably done on hardware sequencers) and it really stands up over time. it's rare that an electronic album can surpass the inherent best before date that certain sounds and production techniques will conjure.

esthero moved to toronto at a young age to pursue her singing career. breath from another caught on slowly but seemed to be everywhere you looked in 99. esthero's sky rocketing fame took it's toll on her and she quickly drew back from the spotlight. it would be six years till she released her solo ep and another year for her first full length album since breath.

while i haven't really been a fan of where her music has gone since this album i'm glad that she came back and started writing again. she very talented young lady that deserves all the praise she's received over the years.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

why must i be a teenager in love...

homsick for space was a little known group seemingly from parts unknown. they moved to new york in or around 2001 and played a nice mix of shoegazey/emo. i really can't find much of anything else about them other than they released an ep and two full lengths. the self titled ep was from 2001 and unison and please continue were released in 2003 and 2007 respectively.

it's a shame the way they just sort of vanished. they still have a myspace page but it doesn't look like it's been updated since 2007ish. i'm not sure if any of their albums are in print but i'd like to get my hands on the two full albums. i remember hearing one or two songs of theirs off of rev.hq way back when i still attempted to do the independant distro/sell stuff at shows thing. i ended up with a tonne of freebies and the ep was one of them. i kinda loved it at first listen.

so it seems that the ep has been lost to the annals of time and you will never get a copy. if only there was some way for me to send digital information to a receiving station of some sort that would compile the data and could then play it back for you so you could hear it too and thereby have your own copy. if you can think of a way let me know.

Friday, February 4, 2011

keep feedin' ya and feedin' ya and feedin ya...

it's been way more than a few days since i said i'd get back to you about music apps for the iphone but i've played with nano studio, music studio and isyn so far and i don't like any of them. people keep raving about how great the song writing tools are for iphone/ipad and they're either insane or just fan boys (redundent statement, i know).

the screen is too small to have precise control over anything and the interfaces are clunky and have response issues. i'm tired of clicking a note only to have to clean up three more around it because my finger is larger than they coded for. i don't really care how they sound because they're just sketch pads but it would be nice if they didn't all seem to cater solely to house music.

if you have a few bucks kicking around and you're looking for something to roughly compose tracks when you're on the bus or whatever do one of two things, save those few bucks and use the free memo recorder on your phone and hum/beat box what's in your head and get back to it when you have a real work station to play with or buy ritalin and seek professional help because you obviously have the attention span of a hyper active chimp.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

maybe when it gets colder you could come to stay...

Browenbjorn svin's album browen is tucked somewhere between noise, avant-garde and down tempo. there's a lot going on in this record and you'd be doing yourself a disservice to let it's hefty list of grant providers deter you from listening. i have heard more than one person say that they were worried it would be a lengthy, artsy, boring slog through self indulgence simply because received arts council funding. like it's a surprise that a critic would be quick to judge?

what i like about this album is that it really tries to split the difference between casual listening and academic scrutiny. you really could jsut sit back and let if roll over you or slowly and methodically pick apart ever click and squeak in search of meaning.

however you go about it browen is what i like to refer to as a gateway drug. it's the kind of music that's artsy enough to make electronic snobs happy but easy enough to listen to that it could fall into the hands of someone looking to broaden their horizons with something that isn't completely alien.