Monday, January 24, 2011

on such a winter's day

this is only the third post for this year and that worries me a little bit. i'm having trouble writing as it is so i hope i can get this back under control and start posting on the regular again.

a.m. architect's the road to the sun is fast becoming a favourite album. it's laid back, smooth jazzy tone is just so easy to fall in love with. it's not really instrumental hip hop or a dj album but draws heavily from both genres. by throwing in a layer of guitar and electric piano over top of it and stuttering it slightly you get the feel of listening to sample heavy music but it's obvious the tunes were written to sound that way, not just samples thrown on top of samples.

road to the sun ii is the best thing going since girls started wearing glasses. i've been to lazy to source where their samples came from but that vocal sample just breaks my heart every time i hear it. magic.

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