Saturday, January 1, 2011


it's a brand spanking new year and i have the hang over sweats to prove it. last night was a helluva good time filled with more jeff's than you can shake a naked russian at. i'd forgotten how much fun a loft party could be strictly because of the characters that will, and always do show up at an open invitation to a large space with music, dancing and booze. i hope you had a happy new year's eve and spent it with loved ones.

just thought i'd recap the last year in a few short links for those folks that like to ask me what's been taking up all my time. to you i say: plus a handful of other shorts i've worked on that i can't find links to at the moment.

that's about all the creative output i can muster links for right now but there are articles, and 101 posts on this blog alone. all and all i'd say it was a busy year with more new and fun stuff to come.

i hope you all had a wonderful 2010 and if that wasn't possible i hope you've learned something from last year at least. i may have actually learned that repeating your mistakes won't give you a chance to fix them, it just reminds you why it failed in the first place so stop trying to fix it and let it be.

happy new year!

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