Thursday, December 9, 2010

all mimsy were the borogroves...

 meant to post this a little while ago since the show opened on the 26th but here are a few pics from the tim burton show at the tiff lightbox. it's a great show and i really think you should go out and see it if you have time. even if you're not a big tim burton fan it's worth it to see the creative process of an artist. let's face it, he's got a pretty hefty body of work and something has to appeal to you.

i wish i could have posted more photos but this town has a serious problem with letting people take pictures of anything. larger galleries claim that it's a matter of copyright infringement and that's not true. i worked for a museum for years and they kept using that excuse till i asked one of the curators. i was told the official policy is they don't want to have to worry about someone taking a photo, making copies of it, selling it and then being put on the hook by the owner of the piece. it's funny how galleries with priceless works of art that are world famous, you know, the kind showing things that people would actually like to buy images of, don't care.

this has lead me to believe that large galleries in toronto don't want free publicity. if i hadn't snuck these photos out i wouldn't have bothered mentioning the show at all.

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