Monday, December 20, 2010

i must admit now going down within this ship...

i couldn't have a better crew to travel with. if i make it in one piece back to land, i will never sail again.

an apple a day...

google analytics are an interesting thing and it would seem i'm popular with the mac folks this week. since it's a relatively new service the results aren't entirely accurate but it's interesting to see how google's stats stack up against that little free counter i have at the bottom right.

i'm just glad that people are getting something out of this and i would love to hear from you lovely people more often. what are you listening to these days? what are you hoping to see in your christmas stockings? do you even celebrate christmas? are you just happy to get a few days off?

because i opened this post with a nod to mac i thought i would mention just how excited i am to road test a few apps with my phone. music studio has been around for a little while now and is one of the top "studio" apps on itunes. is it worth the $15? i'll let you know in a day or two. it was either this or nanostudio but i don't think nano will let me export midi. kind of an important feature if you ask me. i was going to buy sunvox but they recently did an upgrade which seems to have made an already steep learning curve that much harder. maybe i just need to get used to the new interface but it does not look as user friendly as the previous version. to give some context, the previous version looked a lot like a max msp style synth builder. the heart of the programme was the ability to build your own synth from modules and route them any way you saw fit. if that sounds confusing you don't even want to see the new version.

i would love to find something that i can play around with while i'm on the train or on lunch at work. don't get me wrong though, this is not something i would recommend as a replacement to your mobile recording setup. these do not replace real mics, real gear or software. these are great scratch pads for shaping ideas, beats and melodies. if you've heard of something you think i should check out let me know.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

cause you don't need your ears to listen to yourself...

Appendagenew and exciting stuffs from circa survive. these boys are busy as hell these days. what i find amazing is how they have cemented themselves as my favourite band of the last five years. other than the amazing cover art and heart breaking lyrical content i couldn't really tell you why i like them so much. i'm still not a big fan of wash and their albums have become much more "rock" than they used to be but they aren't a standard rock band at all.

meh, why over analyze it? loving the new ep.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

dub no bass with my head man

fenin is full of the dubby goodness you'd expect from a young lad from hamburg. no that doesn't make any sense but neither does fenin.

he started making electronic dub influenced music in the late 90s for shitkatapult at first and has since collaborated with a number of labels and acts.

i can't quite recall when i stumbled upon fenin but i'm guessing it was because of a collaboration. what i do know is that he's darn good.

anywho, have a listen and let me know what you think.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

i can't wait to get on the road again...

i've done it again...well added to the original really. being strapped for cover ideas i've settled on a more traditional idea, the circular record label.

the first track is the same one i posted earlier but i have now added a b-side, just push the fancy arrow button if you absolutely must skip the first song. each track is a buck by itself or $1.75 for the two. that's crazy mad savings direct to you, the loving and much loved consumer.

same deal as before, please lemme know what you think.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

all mimsy were the borogroves...

 meant to post this a little while ago since the show opened on the 26th but here are a few pics from the tim burton show at the tiff lightbox. it's a great show and i really think you should go out and see it if you have time. even if you're not a big tim burton fan it's worth it to see the creative process of an artist. let's face it, he's got a pretty hefty body of work and something has to appeal to you.

i wish i could have posted more photos but this town has a serious problem with letting people take pictures of anything. larger galleries claim that it's a matter of copyright infringement and that's not true. i worked for a museum for years and they kept using that excuse till i asked one of the curators. i was told the official policy is they don't want to have to worry about someone taking a photo, making copies of it, selling it and then being put on the hook by the owner of the piece. it's funny how galleries with priceless works of art that are world famous, you know, the kind showing things that people would actually like to buy images of, don't care.

this has lead me to believe that large galleries in toronto don't want free publicity. if i hadn't snuck these photos out i wouldn't have bothered mentioning the show at all.

Friday, December 3, 2010

earworm of the day: thunder and lightning

Worldwide Deliveryi've mentioned these guys before and they'll probably pop up from time to time. this is an album that just keeps finding it's way into my regular rotation. i might not listen to it for a year or three then it's always in my head. in fact i like this album so much i may (and by may i mean did) have extended a crappy relationship by three weeks just so i could rescue it from an ex that lived in another town.

thunder and lightning is a nice low-key tune. the intro is one of the best horn arrangements i've heard in modern music and almost forces you to bob your head or sway to the rhythm. i can't find a link to it unfortunately but if you happen to see this little picture lying around your local record shoppe then give it a listen.