Friday, November 12, 2010

earworm of the day: dyed in the wool.

Dyed In The Wooli know i know. beating your head against the wall only makes for a sore head but i can't help it. i'm stubborn. i believe in love at first sight and that maybe impossible is just implausible more often than not. i would like to think that if you're a good person then good things will return to you but i realize that "good" is just a word. i know that sometimes the things we think are good for us really just hurt us in the long run and that maybe the people we think of as "good people" are the ones that will hurt us the most.

i know that ramble doesn't make a lot of sense. i know that even if i could clarify it it wouldn't make any sense. i also know that i'm tired of doing things that are bad for me no matter how good they might seem at the time.

this song is about the realization that things will never be the same again. that just because two people shared something doesn't mean they had the same experience. the end doesn't always mean the same thing to both people and one or both might hope that one day things will mend. if they're really (un)lucky they might rediscover what brought them together. the part that hurts is the in-between. how do you explain how much something hurts to a person that can't possibly understand because they're the one that hurt you? how painful is it for them to tell you they know when they couldn't possibly?

that's dyed in the wool. two people caught in/out of love not sure if there's anything to save because they might not have had anything in the first place.
i know i know, nothing's going to change that hopeless feeling i get when you say you understand, and i know you can't.

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