Tuesday, October 5, 2010

make swift these legs: norad ep

well i went and did it this time. after much whining that i couldn't find anyone to make an album cover for me i went and made one myself. all i can say is, i've seen worse.

in other news, that four "song" ep that this piece of work is attached to is now live for your pleasure. i'll warn you now, it's a sound art album. there is a track that more closely resembles a song near the middle but for the most part it's pretty ambient with melodic leanings.

you can find it here. as far as price goes, you call the shots. pay as much or as little as you like (up to and including free). this is a one man act so all the proceeds go back into recording/song writing.

i hope you enjoy it,


(pssssst...i added an embeded link so you can listen to it here as well.)

<a href="http://makeswifttheselegs.bandcamp.com/album/norad-ep">Norad EP by Make Swift These Legs</a>

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