Thursday, October 21, 2010

if you don't know me by will never ever ever know me at all...

so obviously the pics of the office move were a big hit and have drawn a tonne of traffic my way. interest noted. i'll stick to music and shows and stay away from real world stuff that doesn't have to do with music and shows.

speaking of music and shows, i've been meaning to post a quick note about the gardening, not architecture show that happened recently. i don't think i need to get into how much i like the act as i've already said so twice before but what was really cool about this show was getting to see other people experience that awe (seriously) moment when it all clicks together and suddenly the show goes from lovely, bitter sweet songs to "holy shit that was an amazing spectacle."

i was having a bit of a crappy week so hearing that sarah was coming to town was a nice pick me up. we hung out for a bit before her set and then several friends that she made on warped tour last summer came through the door. it was quite a sight and mike, pete, aj and dubs (dobs? i'm sorry if i've mis-spelled that. you're rad.) are wonderful folks. happy, welcoming, wonderful folks.

the show started and seeing mike's face as he took in the whole light blanket/silhouette thing is what i wanted to talk about here. mike, pete and aj had seen sarah's show numerous times in the middle of the day on stage at warped but it didn't sink in till they got to see it in a dark room with the lights. mike said, "that's what this was missing. i loved the set on tour but this, this is amazing."my photo does not do it justice.

i love discovering new music. i always have but i think what's even more exciting is watching that  moment when someone else is realizing the same thing. it's a great moment to share with other people and it's one of the big reasons why i'm writing this blog. i want you folks to get out there and make some discoveries of your own and maybe share them with people you hold dear. if this is one of the ways you find out about stuff then i feel like i'm doing something right. if not, then you have bad taste. yeah that's right. i said it.

no really, if you haven't already listened to gardening, not architecture then you should head over to the site and see what you think. what i find inspiring about gardening, not architecture is sarah's attitude about making things happen. i haven't met many people that are as dedicated or brave enough to throw it all in the wind and see how things fall. it's a lesson we could all stand to learn.

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