Thursday, October 28, 2010

earworm of the day: twenty-five cent ring

Accustomed to Nothingi mentioned these guys yesterday as a quick add on to my last earworm post. i'm happy to have this song stuck in my head because it actually gave me goosebumps just humming and singing it in my head.

twenty-five cent ring (sorry this was the only link for a preview i could find) is a song about how lucky this guy is that he's found a dynamite lady that loves him for he is. he makes an odd marriage proposal asking if she'd stick with him through everything and then some.

it may not sound like the type of thing a grizzled punk band normally sing about but dammit, love is a pretty amazing thing and it takes some strange forms. meeting that special someone that will not only put up with your assorted foibles but defend them is a rare thing.

"would you still wanna be my girl if i sat on my fat ass and drank cheap beer all day?"

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