Wednesday, October 27, 2010

earworm of the day: not your saviour

More Betternessjust woke up with this one in my mind tank today and while it's a nice little ditty, it doesn't do much to promote calming thoughts. then again anything can be relaxing if you look past it and turn it into white noise.

no use for a name were one of the first punk bands i ever listened too. they were just full of that catchy california skate punk sound that the kids were into at the time. nofx introduced me to this kind of punk and fat wreck kept me there for a good number of years. no use for a name managed to stay at the top of a short "favourite acts" list i kept buried away in this rats maze i call a brain but i grew up and they stayed the same somehow. it's a trap a lot of bands fall into. do you grow with your fans and produce more mature music hoping they come along for the ride or do you keep writing songs about how much high school sucks and how terrible it is to be a lonely teen? maybe it's just me but i don't think forty year olds have any business writing about how awful teenage love is.

more betterness was really just more of the same. this was the last album from no use i ever listened to and i'm still surprised i bought it when it came out. i'm even more surprised that it's in my head after not listening to it for easily eight years.

on the bright side, writing this post has just reminded me that no use were on new red archives before fat wreck picked them up. new red was the home of accustomed to nothing who wrote one of my favourite love songs; twenty-five cent ring. (sorry, this was the only link i could find about them)

in closing, booooo no use. yayyyy accustomed to nothing!

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