Wednesday, September 8, 2010

whaddya say now push ups?

you may not recognize that lyric from sam amidon's new album i see the sign but credit for that goes to sam's flair for improv. i love it when entertainers try and play with their sound and set during shows because it makes each show different and a little more special.

i had a chance to exchange a few words with sam before the show and was more than a little star struck. i'm afraid i came off like a bubbling fool but it was a pleasure to meet him.

the show was great. sam played some old and some new. we had sing alongs and there was even a surprise tears for fears cover thrown in the mix.

what i've always enjoyed about sam's music is how heartfelt it is. these are old songs about our great grandparents yester-years and yet they are still relevant and touching. i can feel my heart breaking pretty much every time i hear saro because we've all been apart from loved ones at one time or another and it's hard work keeping that love in one piece. saro doesn't say it but it feels like that was a love that lasted.

sam will be on tour in the states and canada for a while yet. at some point closer to winter i believe he'll be in the uk. check out his site for tour info and go see him if he's in your town.

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