Monday, September 27, 2010

show and prove

it would seem that i've been remiss in my duties. i've only managed a measly four posts plus this one. booo me.

this was going to be an earworm post but i'm not hooked on one song at the moment. i've actually been listening to a full radio broadcast over and over again that just seems to get better each time.

you may have heard of a little style of music called dubstep. well the lady credited with bringing it to the masses is one mary anne hobbs, bbc radio 1 dj extraordinaire. for the last fourteen years hobbs has been championing new and underground styles of music. she's played everything from analogue bubble bath to afro warrior. sometimes it's brilliant, sometimes not so much and every so often it was magic.

marry anne has left radio 1 to pursue other career options but is still planning on djing and staying firmly entrenched in all things b-side.

this post is about her last show at radio 1 that aired on sept 9th with special guests kode9 and burial. i've been listening to this thing for two weeks now and will probably be listening to it solidly for another two. there are so many gems in this set that i don't know where to start so instead i'll just link to the set list and you can see for yourself.

if you haven't heard of these folks and you like hip hop, ambient, breaks or dub inspired music then i suggest you acquaint yourself with them.

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