Wednesday, September 1, 2010

earworm of the day: you're so great

You're So Greatif you have paid attention at all to my wandering musical tastes over that last few years then you will have noticed that bands along the lines of blur don't feature prominently. there is a very simple reason for this, i didn't like brit pop any more than the people making it liked being called brit pop. sometimes things that you don't like catch you off guard and slap you in the face with a song like this.

my appreciation of blur has grown quite a bit over the years but that's because i find damon and graham to be interesting people. you're so great and coffee and tv (which makes me cry like a little girl with a skinned knee) are at the top of a very short list of blur songs that i love. good on you gentleman. i was happy to hear that you kissed and made up so to speak.

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