Friday, August 27, 2010

the only honest love song

Scott Pilgrim Volume 6: Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hourone of my closest friends re-enacted the scott pilgrim movie for me and told me all about the ending. i now have nothing but contempt for the film.

casting decisions aside, what kind of movie tells it's audience that the only thing worth fighting for is yourself? forsake your loved ones because their support is worthless and won't help you when the chips are down. no no, you can only count on yourself.

what a steaming pile of self indulgent crap.

i'm of the mind that we come by self respect in a number of different ways. we accomplish the goals we set for ourselves. we realize our worth through the eyes of our loved ones. we have the ability to do things other people can't or aren't as good at. whatever it is that makes you realize your own worth, it should be a positive thing for you and those around you. having the only person you love tell you that your love is misplaced and you should be fighting your battles for yourself is not only heart breaking but would shatter someone's ego in real life.

should i have expected anything less from hollywood? of course not. this is the land that gave us such masterpieces as transformers one and two and superman returns. we've entered an era where people don't know if they should like something unless it's being sold to their sense of borrowed nostalgia. so why would i expect that scott pilgrim would have been anything other than flashy crap? because the books weren't and i thought bryan might have had something to say about it. i guess i was wrong.

the final book doesn't end anywhere near the same way the film does. it doesn't wrap things up in a nice little bow by any means but it does leave the reader with hope that people can mend their relationships and work together to be better people for themselves and their loved ones. that's how things should have ended.

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