Wednesday, August 11, 2010

another one bites the dust...

one down and a whole bunch to go. it wasn't until last night that the amount of shows i listed actually hit me. the funny part is just how far in advance most of them are. i'm getting myself all worked up about stuff i won't be able to see for almost two months. feh.

russian circles and boris ran lee's palace on monday night and while i would like to say it was an amazing night full of musical goodness i cannot. russian circles were great although i could have done without the silhouette light show. they put on a solid performance even if the room was a little docile. boris on the other hand were all sound and fury signifying nothing.

i know someone out there is going to hate me for this but i found boris to be a sub par band at best. their singers were flat and their drummer seemed to be having trouble keeping time. their solo guitar player was good but his solo's weren't very inspiring. a friend of mine said they sound like a high school punk band trying to move in a new direction and while i don't think that is entirely fair or accurate, they didn't seem like they were quite ready for prime time. the real shock was seeing just how deep their catalogue is. i mean with that many albums under your belt you should be rock gods by now.

now i'll twiddle my thumbs waiting for this will destroy you and sam amidon. c'mon sam!

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