Thursday, August 5, 2010

all's well...

it is highly unlikely that i'm getting into the russian circles show on the 9th but dammit, i'm going to try.

i've been lazy in searching out shows but here's a quick break down of where you can find me in the next little while;

- russian circles at lee's palace on the 9th (ihopeihopeihope)
- i'll be booing loudly and throwing things at the tour bus for crystal castles and rusko. (no really, they can't play instruments or sing and rusko is an hour long set of wawnwawnwawnwawawawawaaaannnnn)
- this will destroy you at lee's palace on the 24th
- sam amidon at the drake on the sept 4th
- efterklang at lee's (again?) on sept 8th or ratatatat at the sound academy i'm not sure which yet.
- kinda want to see rufio on the 10th at the phoenix but strung out? no thanks.
- same goes for millincolin on the 12th. it would seem the the 17 year old punk rock kid in me is lonely.
- mice parade at the elmo on sept 29th
- if i'm in town, prefuse 73 at lee's on oct 12th
- the books at the mod club on oct 25th

so there. that's a lot of shows that i'm going to have to figure out how to fit in the budget and somehow i want to fit a trip to new york in there too. feck. i would be happy if i could go to half of these but realistically i'll probably get out to a third if i'm lucky. if there are any good shows on your radar let me know. i'm always interested in hearing about what other people are listening to and what makes it special to them.

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