Monday, July 26, 2010

wish you were here...

i'm sick. i am either allergic to london (which i don't actually believe) or i caught something on the plane or in the office. other than that, london was a great trip.

i have never understood why people complain about travelling for work before but now i get it. it's not a holiday and you don't have time to run around and do fun things. you work. when you're done working you work some more or have a meeting about work that you need to do in the future. when those meetings are done you sit back down and answer a bajillion emails.

what i did get a chance to see was all kinds of fun. normally i don't go in for touristy type nonsense. you won't find me lining up at famous landmarks or drinking in the tourist friendly parts of town or shopping in the areas that foreigners shop because in my opinion, those places cater to the kind of person that is more interested with telling people they travelled somewhere than actually travelling. it sounds far more interesting to hear about the crown jewels or the museum of torture or london bridge than hearing about pints at the swan. does anyone really care that they have an odd petting zoo in holland park where you will find pigs? anyone other than myself that is? but those are the things i do. i walk till i get lost and then find my way back. i take the transit system to strange places just to see if i can figure out how to get back home without asking for directions. that is travelling to me. learning to live like the people that call a foreign place home.

of course london isn't really "foreign" in the bigger picture but it is an unknown city just waiting to be picked apart and discovered. i can't wait to go back but i say that about all the places i visit. well, almost all the places anyway.

quick highlights of my trip included
- meeting de la soul in the line up for customs.
- drinking at mick jones' local with my favourite drinking buddy (sadly, mick was on tour with de la soul).
- touring one of london's largest media post houses.
- melting in the tube.
- drinking at a fantastic little bar called the new bloomsbury set in bloomsbury (go figure).
- the miniature soccer nets in the urinals complete with hanging soccer ball at the swan.
- more free booze than you can imagine.
- some of the prettiest people i've ever seen.
- running through the tate modern trying to cram a self guided tour into the 45 minutes before closing.
- strolling through hyde park with good friends.

i am also adding this to a new group of posts i will be calling "wish you were here". i had a friend several years back that took photos of her feet everywhere she went. she travelled a lot and every roll of film had self portraits of her standing waiting for buses, in line at the bank, you name it. i thought this was actually kind of a touching moment because to me, these photos were less about taking a picture of yourself and showing off but more about trying to share that time and that place with the viewer.

also, how could i resist a good pink floyd reference?

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