Tuesday, July 6, 2010

who are you? who, who, who, who. oh i really want to know...

it was either that or magic bus but that didn't quite have the same effect.

anywho, i can't seem to find any information about this guy. i mean nothing. all i know is that this ep is set to be released on qunabu sometime in the near future and he's polish. that's it. there's a last.fm page for him with about 600 plays and 100 or so fans with a stupid photo attached to the profile but no one seems to know anything about this guy.

i'm interested in finding out more because i really like the wzrost ep. it's equal parts experimental noise and dub techno. it has this odd fluid percussion that seems to go where it pleases on some tracks and locks solid on others. it reminds me a little of pinch's underwater dancehall but it's not as straight forward (which is an odd comment to make since underwater dancehall is all over the map at times as well).

i'll keep my eyes and ears open for more from this guy but you should be able to purchase this ep on qunabu soon.

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