Friday, July 9, 2010

come on without, come on within, you ain't seen nothin' like the mighty...noel?

i've mentioned the boosh before and i bring them up again now because noel fielding is in town for the next two days and if you can get a ticket somehow, go see him. it was fantastic.

his stand up is equal parts beat poetry, anecdotal rambling and just plain absurdest. he spent five minutes buzzing around the stage as a blue bottle fly then a homeless moth. he regaled us with the magical power of whispering and very short prostitutes that only children can see. he told us about the time he tried to scare his little brother by telling him there was a monster under his bed then hid under the bed only to get in a labour dispute with the monster currently working there.

i'm not a big stand up fan. i check out a few acts from time to time and it's usually based on luck more than anything else. i like the standard acts like richard pryor (only i find him really hit and miss), steve harvey, cedric the entertainer and bernie mack. they're actually about the only stand up comics i know by name. everyone else is just a face with funny words coming out.

watching the boosh documentary gave me a glimpse of what noel's stand up might be like but i was still way off in my estimation. i wish him the best of luck with his next few shows. the first night was great even if he thinks he was using too many britishisms. case in point, he wasn't sure if we had baby belles here so he said something about black cheese instead. he asked about the baby belles and said, "shit. i didn't know if you'd know what i meant. it should have been black baby belles. black cheese is just weird. oh well, first show. learning."

if you aren't in toronto and you don't have a magic lucky horseshoe that will grant you tickets at the touch of a button but you hear about noel being in or around your town for a performance, go see him. go see him as many times as you can. he's brilliantly funny, genuinely nice and one of the most engaging performers i've seen in a long time. i think he would have spent a lot more time in the audience if the mic cable permitted.

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