Monday, June 28, 2010

you don't believe, we're on the eve of destruction.

i was going to use lyrics from "killing in the name of" as the title for this post (because all i could remember was the "chorus") and it was the first time i realized just how stupid that song is.

it's a perfect preface for this post though because the song is just an ignorant, misguided call to arms for idiots with misplaced anger issues. this is important because toronto just hosted the g20 summit and you see where this is going.

i'm so ashamed of what happened in toronto this past weekend that i really don't know what to say. i'm angry that a handful of people from other cities decided that my home was the perfect place to burn things, destroy property and loot. that's not protesting. that's not anarchy. that's stupidity. anarchy is the belief that organized government should be abolished and replaced with self rule. the underlying foundation of this belief suggests that we should all be allowed to do whatever we like as long as we aren't impacting other people's lives and freedoms negatively.

breaking the front window of a store and stealing dvds, cds and clothes is petty theft and vandalism. those stores have nothing to do with organized government and while some people might think they are striking a blow for the working man/woman they're actually just hurting those people. if it's just an anti-capitalist comment then who are they fooling living in a capitalist country? is capitalism only a bad thing when they aren't directly involved? when they buy goods and services it's different from when a soccer mom or pensioner buys the same goods or services?

i've written and re-written this and i'm still not happy with how it sounds because i would love to say so much more. i guess a blog isn't the right place to be airing these kinds of frustrations though.

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