Thursday, June 3, 2010

put your hands up for detroit

demf to some, movement to others, fun for all.

last weekend i was invited to sunny, tropical down town detroit for movement 2010. this is a party i've been wanting to go to for years but haven't really known anyone that wanted to attend. imagine my surprise when one of my oldest friends asked out of the blue. sadly, he could not make it but he was there in spirit.

movement have always thrown great parties. i've been lucky to attend a handful of them over the years in warehouses, clubs, a latvian cultural centre and now hart plaza in downtown detroit. of all of them, my favourite was a place called roxy blue (r.i.p.) but this demf show did a great job of bringing back the fond memories of dancing into the small hours and not caring about anything else.

since so much of what i've listened to over the years has been so moody it was a rare chance that i could find people that could put it all on the shelf and just go out dancing with. the small group of friends i had that did enjoy it either got into some real hard drugs and general messiness or decided that at the ripe old age of twenty two they should be doing more important grown up things like passing out in bars and working jobs they hated. i took the other route and stayed in touch with my old friend music. i will never understand why so many people seem to think that being an adult and going to live music events can't go hand in hand.

the acts this year were a great mix of old and new and i'm so happy i could see so many of them. i'm sad that i missed pretty lights and dj koze (really sad that i missed koze) but time and poor weather conspired against us. the weekend was gorgeous till monday morning when it started to pour. once the rain dried up and the humidity started rising detroit began to smell like hot, wet, humid detroit. not good.

my favourite acts were mr. scruff (be on the look out for a new track coming soon), a-track (which was a big surprise since i wasn't expecting much besides a beat juggling show), krack and smack (killer break set) and dj hype with daddy earl (daddy earl all massive!!! i'm seriously). the redbull stage was easily the best part of the festival.

honourable mentions for entertaining times go out to, that really really drunk white trash kid that tried to fight everyone on the waterfront, knightboat for patrolling the border and just generally scaring the shit out of me, the police officer that asked me if i had an extra beer for him (he was having a bad day) toki monster for doing her best to brave the wind and rain, richie hawtin's light show and finally the crazy amount of scattered ass hanging out everywhere. this might sound great but it wasn't. not everyone has the body for skirts the size of small belts and string bikini tops but that sure didn't stop them from wearing little to nothing. i've seen less revealing outfits on the victoria secret runway show. ugh.

i'm glad to be back home but it would be great if parties like that were more easily accessible.

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