Thursday, June 17, 2010

it's a helluva town

dear new york,

have i told you how much i miss you lately? i know i don't call much or come out to see you often even when i'm on your side of the border, but it's nice to know you're there.

how are things? keeping clean and getting people to work on time? bloomberg still pretending he's running things? that's ok, we know who does all the real work.

i'm planning a visit this summer so i'll send you a note before i leave. it will be good to see you and maybe i can find that little bar on the lower east side with all the streamers and what not on the ceiling this time. that's what i get for pub crawling and not asking directions or names of places. you're great for enterainning guests but you don't say much do you?

i hear snack dragon is still open. perfect. i look forward to tearing their good eats apart.


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