Friday, June 4, 2010

i was in the right place but it must a bin the wrong time

does anyone else have a problem with the way apple keeps saying they have a "curated" application market? there is nothing about their store that resembles curating with the tiny semantic exception that they get to pick and choose what gets sold. that's not curating, that's just a wise business practice.

curating involves cataloguing content for posterity as well as writing about a collection to further studies in the field that collection represents. curating is about safe keeping and understanding how best to store and maintain bodies of work so future generations can enjoy it's benefits. packaging for transport, lighting conditions or display conditions come into play for travelling exhibitions depending on the collection.

to say that i'm a curator because i can deny a developers fart sound effect app into my store is not only ludicrous but insulting. how would the folk at apple that are responsible for writing all that lovely code feel if someone said they were a programmer because they've edited html in this handy little blogger window? how would a doctor feel if someone handed them a thermometer and aspirin and said, "it's ok. i'm a doctor." to mend their broken leg? that seems to be what this world is all about today. at least in north america. i blame it on the fact that everyone wants to be famous and more important than they think they are so they exaggerate and call themselves something that sounds more important.

i mentioned this the other day but i think that i will now be a doctor of internet. i had to perform surgery on my modem and splice a cable. i am now an internet doctor. deal with it.

seriously, can't we all just stop boasting and bragging about things we don't understand? maybe i'm taking this a little too personally because i actually want to be a curator and the last thing i need is some ass throwing a rent party and saying that he "curated the evening." no really, there are people doing that. it seems like everything else is being devalued by internet ignorance so why not add a few more truly important things to the mix?

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