Monday, June 21, 2010

when the working day is done...

Unstoppable [Explicit]my friends invited me to see girl talk last friday and after the show i was split with how i thought it went. the musician in me expected more of a performance while the kid that used to love going out dancing thought it was like going to a really big house party.

we came to the conclusion that what girl talk does requires talent. he has a good ear for what songs work together and that's not incredibly easy to do. i've heard more mash-ups than i can stomach but girl talk does more than that. while most people slap together two songs girl talk throws anywhere between five and seven-teen per track. that's a lot of juggling and i can respect that. i'm still not sure where i sit with his siting fair use as a legal defence for his sampling. he is creating a new work but the reference material hasn't been changed at all. he really just takes the hooks from super popular songs and slams them together. there's not so much re-contextualizing as re-appropriating. it's the audio version of shepard fairy's work (man, i'm slamming that dude again haha). people have been sued for far less than that however he's just young enough to be part of a generation that thinks if it's on the internet it should be free. i'd be interested to know what format he's sourcing his samples from.

as for the show in general, the kid in me would have enjoyed himself more if people hadn't thrown their drinks from the upper levels, stepped on repeatedly me or kept head butting me. the musician in me was disappointed that he was really just running a playlist and head bobbing. it's hard to enjoy a show when you're constantly being shoved and have someone's ass rubbing into your knees and back. i would fully welcome that if i came out to dance but i didn't.

i'm obviously in the minority here. my friends varied from having a great time to just a really good time and that made me happy.

if you're looking to go out dancing and have a good time then i'd say go see girl talk if he's in your town. however if you're expecting a dj style performance (mr. scruff, a-track, etc) you might be disappointed.

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