Thursday, June 24, 2010

earworm of the day: on melancholy hill

Plastic Beachplastic beach is the long awaited continuation of the gorillaz saga. i won't go into where they've been and what they've done because you're probably at least somewhat familiar with them. (or you could just hit the link)

i just saw their new fifteen minute short introducing the tour and album and my jaw dropped. jaime hewlett has out done himself with the art on this series of films/vidoes/shorts/promos whatever you want to call them. i heard on melancholy hill near the end of this thing and it was fabulous.

the album is far too 80s synth pop for my liking but has a few stand out tracks that are genius. damon did say a while ago that he was going to make this the most "pop" record he's ever made and i think he managed that.

not sure what's with the bruce willis cameo but whatever. they were obviously trying to stack the deck with as many celebrities as possible. i guess they had room for some has beens.

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