Monday, June 7, 2010

crush, kill, destroy!

Young Mountaini might be wrong but it looks like i'm actually getting out to shows more often. crazy i know. going out and seeing people create works of art not just listening to them at home while i dust (let's be honest here; dust? me? ha!).

it's nxne time in the city again and all the rock (and more) that you can shake an ass at has come out of the woodwork. there will be plenty to see but i'm going to miss most of it because like many events of this scale, i can't be bothered with most of the acts. i did however catch an act that i've been hoping to see for a few years now and they were well worth waiting for.

this will destroy you play instrumental rock along the lines of godspeed, explosions in the sky, etc... and put on a solid performance complete with creepy black and white film/light show being projected on to them. this is the kind of group i can't really gush over because i just don't know what to say. they're great musicians with some cool ideas and i love their sound. they drone and sludge and trill and harmonize and on and on filling the room with some truly fantastic sounds. it's one of the few shows that i've been too where i wanted to close my eyes and just let it roll over me but i can do that when listening to the albums. that sounded like gushing after all.

they played the tracks i was hoping to hear and some things i hadn't hear before which was great. what i was less than excited about was how they asked a violinist from the opening act to join them on stage. while this would normally be a really cool gesture that you'd think would add to the performance, it was instead distracting and hard to listen to. i actually just tuned him out like you tune out loud talkers in an audience. he was low in the mix so you couldn't hear him all that well in the first place but what i could hear was out of tune noodling most of the time. he spent a good portion of each song feeling out what key it was in by playing a note here and a note there till he found his place. that's great if you're jamming but not during a performance.

i've got grainy, dark photos somewhere that i will post when i can. they might not be suitable for today's hd hungry crowd but all i have is a crap point and shoot so until that changes don't expect a lot of hi-res images.

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