Tuesday, June 29, 2010

all those pretty lights...

i found out about pretty lights in the same way i find out about most musicians, hours of digging through garbage and a lot of luck.

i can't recall exactly where i found it but i went straight to his website to find out more and was surprised to see that he's giving all his music away for the low low cost of joining his mailing list or naming your own price. that's it. he has about six hours worth of music available basically for free and i've received two emails about tour dates over the last year. i highly encourage donating a little something because we all like to get paid for our work.

pretty lights was set to play in detroit for movement but we called it a weekend due to illness and a tornado warning before he went on. it was a real shame because i was looking forward to seeing what he can do live.

the albums are instrumental hip hop that drip with old soul record samples. he has a good ear for what works and i'm amazed at how good the music is considering it's being given away. you don't see that often and perhaps it's his way of getting his name out there and gigging but whatever the case, he's good and so is his stuff.

if' you're a fan of bibio, moonstar or vangel you should do yourself a favour and check these out.

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