Thursday, May 20, 2010

you'd better not mess with major tom

i'm pretty excited about a few sketches that i just received. i finished recording a noise ep a little while ago and i've been looking for an artist to do some cover art for me. i was put in touch with ian at the unkindness of ravens press and he sent me a few images of what he's been working on.

he has a lot of great work that's been pieced together over the years. what i like the most about his work is that he's high concept which comes at the expense of mainstream acceptance sometimes. my favourite work of his is a book written entirely in morse code. brilliant.

now these are just super rough preliminary sketches to get an idea of what ian is thinking and i like them so far. i'm hoping they come out looking a little more like a diagram but i'm sure they will look great no matter what.

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