Wednesday, May 26, 2010

imagine the beginning of a journey, not in time but in the mind.

The Mighty Boosh Special Edition DVD (Seasons 1-3)the mighty boosh are an anomaly in the world of comedy. two men throwing ideas at you so fast that you just can't keep up no matter how hard you try over and over until things click and it feels like you've been along for the ride the entire time.

that may not make sense and that's alright because the boosh don't make sense. anyone that tells you it does make sense after the first viewing is lying. the whole point of the show is that it doesn't make sense and invites you to come for a ride to a fantasy world of talking gorillas, rodent raves, a simpleton moon and impossibly good hair.

i found out about these lads from a one pager lying around the office. it wasn't even entirely dedicated to their show and gave quick bits about several other shows that were coming out at the same time. the fact that steve coogan was the executive producer helped sell me but all i read was, "howard and vince are two awful zoo keepers forced to work for bob fossil. nothing is too outlandish or humiliating in their line of work whether they are forced to dress up like pandas, fight kangaroos or save mutants from slavery." that's it. that's all the thing said. some strange part of my brain said, "find that now and watch it." so i did. three years later i'm still waiting for series four and a movie.

what's really odd about this show is not just how dedicated the fans have been but just how wide an audience the show has picked up. people of all ages and backgrounds have fallen in love with this show and i think it has just as much to do with it's bizarre sense of humour as it does it's complete lack of pretension. it comes off so honestly and feels like everyone involved has so much fun making it, you just get swept up for the ride and pray it doesn't stop.

on top of that, the cast have managed to achieve the same level of fame that is usually held for pop singers and movie stars. it's insane and i love it. it's good to see that sometimes things that are incredibly personal can succeed in a world of clones and copy cats. it doesn't happen often enough because there are a number of filters put in place to make sure that not everyone with a camera gets out to a large audience. it's a fact that media in general suffers because of this model but think about the amount of pure garbage you would watch and listen to on a daily basis if those "stuffy old white guys" didn't say no to people. it would be nothing but lol cats, two girls one cup and pedo bear all day all night.

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