Wednesday, May 26, 2010

goody two goody two goody goody two shoes

this is a great idea and even if you aren't a fan of the shoes themselves, who are you to resist needy children? a selfish person. that's who.

tom's shoes can be seen on countless pairs of feet in toronto now that the good weather has come to visit for a few weeks. the best part of this is the amount of free pairs that tom's will donate accordingly to children in third world countries. that's right, you buy a pair and they give a pair to a child that has no shoes. genius.

sure they're no frills kind of foot wear but that's perfect for summer. slip on, no socks, run to the store or where them around the house. they're comfortable but you might want to throw an insert for extra support/comfort if you have arch problems. even if you don't wear them ever it's a good way to quickly and annonymously donate to charity (some people prefer to remain nameless when they donate.)

i will probably be buying several pairs as i have a shoe problem.

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