Tuesday, May 18, 2010

get up stand up, don't give up the fight

i'm just going to keep writing about this until i hear that people are doing something about it.

do you own an mp3 player? a digital camera that can accept storage cards? a computer or any other device that will let you store digital media? then you need to think long and hard about what freedoms you currently have regarding those pieces of your personal property.

the new copyright legislation that has been secretly bandied about for about two years now is just starting to show it's face to the public. if you would like to continue to have the luxury of legally buying digital media of any kind and using it on any platform you wish (which you probably do and don't even think about it) then you need to contact your mp now and tell them why this new legislature is about as anti-consumer driven as can be.

these two sites here and here can explain it much better than i can and have all the contact information you need to get in touch with people that have the power to shoot this bill down. if you don't care, that's your business. just don't whine about it when you get stopped at the border and thrown in jail because you have a downloaded copy of milli vanilli's greatest hits on your iphone. actually you should go to jail for that regardless of where you are, but that's not the point.

acta and the new dmca being tabled by the harper government need to be stopped. write your mp a well worded, considerate paper letter expressing your disgust for their compliance with an american special interest group. it's pathetic enough that ol' steve is willing to do what the american government tells him to do but it's pitiful that he would tow the line that the riaa has handed him.

to clarify, this isn't an anti-american post in the least. i think canada and the u.s. should be doing everything they can to foster friendship because we've been neighbours for so damn long. what i don't cotton to is this bullshit that american special interests groups have the legal footing or right to go around bullying people in any country. the riaa and other groups have been handing out cease and desist notices like crazy to everyone imaginable and most sensible people have thrown them in the garbage or consulted a lawyer and then thrown them in the garbage. when false claims of legal proceedings didn't work they bullied the governments of the countries they saw as a problem.

what kills me is that if they really wanted to stop piracy, actual honest to goodness piracy, they would target the groups that are making these copies available to the public. but that's like a pharmaceutical company curing a terminal disease. you can't make any money or scare people if you find a cure. you'll make a bigger name for yourself climbing on a soap box and fighting the good fight than actually stopping it from happening ever again.

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