Wednesday, May 26, 2010

earworm of the day: who's that girl?

Touchlike most songs out of the blue you can attach meaning to them if you really really look for it in your life and while i could chalk this up to odd romantic entanglements of late it's best to just let it roll off my back and enjoy.

i'm much more interested in things like this popping into my head than a number of other craptacular songs that sneak their way in. for a guy that doesn't listen to any kind of radio at all, i sure seem to manage to stay up to date on top 40 junk. ugh. at the same time, i'm not an 80s music fan for the most part. there were far too many crimes against humanity perpetrated in the name of pushing new musical boundaries.

while i did like the eurythmics, this post has reminded me that i seriously need to start listening to some motown again.

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