Tuesday, May 25, 2010

earworm of the day: ashes to ashes

Scary Monstersthis might actually fall under the category of earworm of the week but why be picky? i can not get this thing out of my head and i blame it on a few sources. first and foremost, the venture brothers and their obvious love for all things bowie. their ghost pirate (or is it pirate ghosts?) episode: "ghosts of the sargasso" opens with major tom plummeting towards earth telling dr. venture sr. he has a message for the action man (which is a slight cock up because the line is "from the action man" not "for"). i was immediately reminded of a power puff girls episode where the dialogue was almost entirely made up of beatles lyrics. genius.

bowie. creepy clown costume. all kinds of falsetto. what's not to love?

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