Friday, April 16, 2010

woe to you oh earth and sea for the devil sends the beast...

i kind of feel like i've hopped in bed with the devil here but i've added something called amazon associate somethingsomething. the basic gist is that i can now post stuff directly from amazon's site on my blog with pictures and all that fancy stuff and if you see something you like then you can purchase it which is kind of the reason that i started this in the first place. (i feel i need to clarify this point. i started this blog so people could find out about cool stuff and go out and support the artists. i did not start this blog to help amazon sell more stuff. somehow the two managed to fall hand in hand with each other though and i'm all about finding people deals too.)

i'm not going to pretend that everyone is climbing over every obstacle in their path to find the new shai hulud record for cheap, or at all for that matter, but if you do decide to pick it you can just click on the link and there it is. there are links for mp3s as well so maybe i'll talk about single songs from time to time now, who knows.

i do get the tiniest of kickbacks off of this thing, and i mean tiny. 4% up to a maximum of 15% if people buy things through the links i post. it's enough to keep me in short pants i suppose. more than anything i think it's a decent little thing because you will find stupid prices on some of the stuff i've posted. that better than a thousand record for instance is $3.49. i paid five at a show for it.

let me know if you think it's a good idea or if you hate it. has anyone been trying to find anything that i've posted up till now anyway? i would love to hear some feedback. there's also a little search box that i've tried to keep as small as possible and tucked out of the way. i'm not big on intrusive crap and i wish i could pick what it decides to show as a default but no such luck.

changed my mind about the widget. the garbage that it shows as a default can't be changed and i'll be damned if i'm going to give trash novels free press of any kind.

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