Tuesday, April 20, 2010

they might say we're a menace to society, but at the time i say, "why is it me?"

Hard to Earncode of the streets was the first track i actually remember listening to from gang starr. what i liked about it was that it somehow split the difference between west coast gangster rap and east coast conscious rap. i have to admit that i wrote the rest of the album off because i pigeon holed guru as another want to be tough guy before i had a chance to really listen to what he was saying. then i heard the first jazzamatazz album and i was sold.

guru passed away from "complications due to cancer" yesterday and while i'm not normally one to think much about celebrities passing away (elliott smith is the only other one that honestly hurt to hear about), i find it hard not to be sad. guru put so much effort and love into his work and you could see it on stage and hear it in his music. with dj premier backing him up, guru could do no wrong. they constantly tried to out do themselves. guru influenced so many people and pushed hip hop farther than most. he'll be missed.

i wish this post was a more eloquent eulogy but it's hard to find the words to describe what this man did for music and how amazing he was as a person. you don't find many entertainers that live what they preach but guru was solid that way. he spoke his mind and did what he said. no bullshit. that's becoming more and more rare these days and without the influence of good people to show a younger generation the right path, how long will it be until everyone becomes hollow?

gotta make moves.

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