Monday, April 5, 2010

personality can't be purchased in a skateboard store...

i've mentioned my years spent in dank basements screaming, sweating, punching, kicking more than a handful of times but i haven't said much about the bands that i was inspired by at the time. i have posted even fewer. while i find it hard to find time to give each one a post of their own it seems a shame to not at least try.

better than a thousand were one of those bands that you might have easily missed. fronted by ray "of today" cappo, graham land and ken olden from battery this band tried to split the difference between youthcrew and krishnacore. yes, there was a sub-genre of hardcore music called krishnacore. shelter was the only other band i listened to that fell into that category (unless you count the cro-mags and texas is the reason like some people do) but btat was an interesting mixed bag of social, religious and political beliefs all rolled into one loud, in your face package.

better than a thousand put together great mature hardcore records that threw down bullshit scenester ideals and politics but at the same time tried to bring those communities together to become something more than they were. it wasn't hard to be more considering most of the people in those (and all other art scenes for that matter) are there to be seen and have something cool to drop into conversations when they're with people that aren't connected to it.

this was one of the first hardcore records i bought and i'm glad to see that it's still in print. check out equal vision and revelation records if this kind of thing speaks to you but you've never been able to find it.

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