Monday, April 26, 2010

don't be alarmed i fear we're falling back to ground...

Blue Sky Noise (Deluxe Edition)new circa survive! w00t! you may not know from them or may not care but this makes me happy on the inside.

now with 10% more rock, blue sky noise sees the lads of circa survive playing more of that odd mixture of washy, heartfelt, wall of sound thing that they do so well and it finally dawned on me that they are an instrumental rock band that had the sense to hire a singer. really. they play a somewhat similar style of music as godspeed or explosions in the sky but having a singer puts them over the top and grabs the listener firmly by the ears.

if you haven't listened to juturna or on letting go and you like bands like as tall as lions and the previous two mentioned, then you should have a listen at least. these albums are full of good solid song writing, brilliant musicianship and interesting lyrics.

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